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memory moleskine
You’ve seen them – my inverted rows of tiny digits – stacked a year high,
Map turned topsy-turvy to chart this trip around the sun.
Wake up. Do it again…and again…and again.
Each morning firm and fixed – like stepping-stones.

I’ve said Y E S to HIM and many things for this new year…
But first, just this…

Morning morsels.
Daily bread laid out to greet me like a feast.
Sure words, scrawled in feeble hand, two verses to a page, because mama needs to eat S-L-O-W.
Touch grace. Taste mercy.

memory moleskine

Traveling words to tuck into diaper bags and two-minute breaks, and
tattered remnants of time.
Words for carpool lines and waiting rooms, and watching water boil.
Grace notes slipped into rhythms of laundry and listening.
Words to raise banner-high,
Unfurl over Monday morning’s mundane.

memory moleskine

Prone to wander, Lord I feel it.
A nomad mind – home-hungry.
And you give me shelter,
Word-thatched roof to shield and shadow.
And you tell me to come – weary and heavy-laden –
to make myself at home.

Carve out space to live inside each verse until each verse lives in me.
This year – chapters 14 and 15 – the Gospel of John.

Do you have a plan to memorize Scripture in the coming year?
Would you like to memorize an extended passage?
My Moleskine is organized with two verses per page on the left-hand side of each spread. On each facing page, I’ve written only the first letter of each word for the corresponding (facing) verse to aid in memorization. I chose to write out the entire passage in my own hand, rather than to use a printed copy because the act of writing is part of the memorization process for me. However, you’ll also find free printable passages of Scripture,  formatted to fit inside a smaller Moleskine in the following links:

Ephesians and Philippians Memory Moleskine from Tim Brister
Colossians, The Sermon on the Mount, the Romans Project (Chapters 1, 8, & 12) from Ann Voskamp

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