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Tuck this one away for one of those days. You have them too, don’t you? You know…the one where you call your mother and beg her to tell you that “this too shall pass”? That it’s ok to hide in the bathroom with a pint of peanut butter and bag of chocolate chips? The day that begins with husband sweetly calling “Honey, do you know if I have any clean (insert critical clothing item)?“…and ends with you in a defeated heap on the couch blubbering through tears about how you’re failing at every turn. The day you wish you had a “reset” button. Reset the house to clean, the kids to compliant, and your heart to something that more closely resembles what you imagine a mother’s heart should look like at any given time.

This post has been in the works for a while, and after having just such a day on Monday, (ask my mom), I decided this post was long overdue. These are my trusted “go-to” resources on mothering, time management for moms, home organization and planning. They have served as a means of grace in my life, time and time again. This post will remain a work-in-progress, because I am a work-in-progress.

Be encouraged, momma. This too, shall pass. Too soon, in fact. And you don’t really need a “reset” button. You just need some P E R S P E C T I V E, a whole lot of grace…and maybe that aforementioned snack.

a r t i c l e s
How to Be a More Patient Mom in Just 24 Hours | Inspired to Action
The Habit of a Mother Who Changes the World |
A Holy Experience
Thoughts on Motherhood |
Rachel Jankovic

b o o k s
Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches | Rachel Jankovic

a r t i c l e s
Anchoring: An Organizational Tool | Simple Homeschool
Always Do Your Best and Two Other Olympic Sized Lies
 | Messy Quest
Do You Need White Space? |
Simple Mom

b o o k s
Shopping for Time | Carolyn Mahaney
Steady Days
Jamie Martin

m p 3   &   p o d c a s t s
 In Every Season of Life | Carolyn Mahaney + Free Printable Worksheets to use during your time of personal retreat
Can You do it All..and Do it Well? |
Carolyn Mahaney
Busy at Home: Priorities & Planning |
Colleen Campbell

a r t i c l e s
Will This House Get Cleaned Before the Kids Graduate? | Simple Homeschool

b o o k s
The House that Cleans Itself | Mindy Starns Clark

m p 3   &   p o d c a s t s
Busy at Home: Being Organized | Kerin Morgan
Busy at Home: Organization & Cleaning | Allison Sturgeon

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