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I expect our little man to start walking any day. He is oh so close! And while my heart may not be entirely ready for another milestone, it occurred to me last week that our home better be ready! He is already into EVERYTHING.

One of my biggest dilemmas has been the art supplies. As much as she uses them (every single day – several times a day), putting them “away” is out of the question. So last week, after much arranging and re-arranging, we came to a workable little art studio in her bedroom. This wall is her new favorite space for sketching and doodling. What artist doesn’t love waking up to wide open white space, right? I’ve wanted a space where she can draw BIG things, but haven’t known quite where to put an easel. Then I saw a wall-mounted model in an online store and my wheels started spinning.

This was so simple to put together. Here’s what you need to make your own.

1 roll of cork (ous is 2′ x 4′)
1 roll of easel paper
thumb tacks
a dowel
a sturdy cord or rope
a piece of ribbon, longer than the width of your paper roll

This is so simple, it hardly needs instructions, but just so there’s no confusion…

Tack the cork to the wall (to protect the surface). Insert the dowel through the roll of paper and tie the cord or string securely to each end of the dowel. Hang above the cork. Unroll enough paper to reach the bottom of the cork board. Tack the ribbon (not too tightly) across the bottom of the paper to keep it from curling.

The twinkle lights are just fun. After hanging them, I told my husband that frankly, I couldn’t think of a room in our house that couldn’t benefit from a string or two. (Just be sure to watch them and make sure they don’t get too warm. Ours aren’t actually touching the paper anywhere either.)

Five minutes of work for hours of play. I like it. It might be a wonderful Christmas morning surprise for someone too, don’t you think?

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