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I know what it’s like to rise early to spend time in the Word, only to meet an overly exuberant child with bed head and an agenda before you’re halfway down the hall. I know that feeling of guilt when you realize you’re running like mad, and on empty. And then there are those mornings when you can’t find anything to write with but broken crayons and your devotional book is…around here somewhere. This has been my story too.

Months ago, I read two articles that challenged my perspective on practicing the spiritual disciplines as a mother of small children: Quiet Times for Desperate Mothers (Raising Homemakers) and Replacing the Terms “Quiet Time” or “Daily Devotion(From Pew to Practice). And an idea began to take shape.

What if?

What if I could collect the tools to facilitate a purposeful time with the Lord, all in one place, organized in such a way that no matter what sort of day we’re having (I have 2 hours or I have 2 minutes), I could connect with my Father and abide. What if I didn’t have to hunt for writing utensils or books or even quiet. What if, rather than trying to hide away from my children, we chased Him together right through an ordinary day and they could see Momma hunger and thirst for Him and holiness in the midst of the mayhem. And what if I could share it with others who beg refreshing but always find it just out of reach.

Think of The {Not So} Quiet Time Companion as a virtual desk – a CLEAN one!
No dust.
No junk mail.
No half-eaten sandwiches.

A host of resources at your fingertips:
– an online Bible that you can read or listen to for free
– a concordance and a commentary
– tools for scripture memory
– daily devotionals from a few giants of the faith
– guides to praying scripture for your family and to praying for unreached people groups around the world
– worship music at the click of a button
– a weekly Scripture meditation to feast on
– a couple of encouraging articles
– a podcast or two to listen to while you prepare a meal or put away laundry

Interested? Well, have a seat. Stay as long as you like.

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